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Soul Touching


I thought long and hard what it is what makes Biddy stand out. Not because she is mainstream, but because her expertise goes far beyond what I can write down in words. As if her classes are from another world or paradigm. Words like serendipity, magical and divine come to mind. But to make it more practical: Biddy teaches amazing Yoga classes from (slow) Flow to Yoga Nidra and from Aerial yoga to Restorative: also in retreats. Her guidance is so clear that I learn more from her in one class than from a view teachers together in a year. Every gesture she makes is filled with love and care for you or helps you to take better care of yourself. I love the way how her classes are filled with peace and humor and are always guided by the breathtaking music she so carefully picked. Her knowledge and use of oils, combined with the gentle touch she uses to help you relax more into savasana are again: divine. I've never met a yoga teacher who touches my soul every time I step on the mat in one of her classes, except Biddy

Highly Recommend


When Yoga Vayu started the online membership I hurried to register. I chose the Flow and Restore membership and I'm so so glad I did. Every Tuesday I enjoy these wonderful yoga lessons in the comfort of my own home. Maybe good to mention that whatever capacity for movement you have (f.i my knee, hands and shoulder hurt because of arthrosis) our yoga teacher Biddy provides good alternatives for movements that cause discomfort. Not only Flow and Restorative yoga are included in the membership. There is also yoga Nidra! And wow, that is amazing. Nidra by Yoga Vayu is an experience you have to try. It is relaxing, comforting and at the same time it can be energizing. You don't have to be present at the live streams (although I enjoy the time talking with the teacher and the other participants). There are recordings you can watch, or listen to. Whenever it suits you. There are membership exclusive discounts on events. There is a video library stacked with long and short videos on chair yoga, quick yoga fix to de-stress, yoga for your shoulders yoga for when you have a headache. Tips on how to pimp your savasana..... I can go on and on. Why don't you find out for yourself? I highly recommend the Yoga Vayu online membership.