The Workshops

Welcome back home

The Workshops

After our retreat in November we were in awe of the connections we had made. Online, with 3 different continents, 6 countries and so many beautiful souls.

We knew we wanted to continue our Coming Home Journey and took some time to think about how.

We are so excited to announce our monthly donation based workshops!

Don't forget to register before joining, the registration is free!

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All classes are donation based. You pay what you can.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Coming Home Workshops

    • We are so happy you are here

  • 2

    How to donate and what it means

    • About your donation

    • How to donate

  • 3

    The Workshops

    • Dec. 27 - 8.30 pm - Special end of year meditation

    • NEW DATE: January 23 - 8.30 pm Dance your Way into 2021 with Yasmae

  • 4

    Coming Home Playlists

    • Get in the Mood Playlist

    • Meditation Playlist

    • Guilty Pleasure Playlist

    • Dance Playlist


Are you ready to join us?

  • Did you register? Registration is free and necessary to join the session.

  • Make sure Zoom is installed and working on your device of choice!

  • Put on your dancing shoes, get your Playlist ready & let's get moving!