Flow Membership

what's included

  • Live Online Group Classes

    1 live online class every week. Join us every Tuesday: 8.30 - 9.30 pm (Amsterdam).

  • Video Library

    A new short (7 tot 30 minute) video every week. For you to do when you want and as often as you like! Short to fit your schedule!

  • Yoga Nidra

    1 Live Online Yoga Nidra session per month. Audio only. Recording of the live class will be uploaded to your library within 48 hours of the class.

  • Yoga Vayu Community

    Access to our private online community. Ask your questions, tell us your experiences and find new connections.

  • Weekly Love Note + Newsletter

    Every week a short love note, telling you what's happening this week and giving you all the news, access and updates first. Once a month you'll receive the Yoga Vayu newsletter. You will always be the first to know.

  • Full Library

    Our video library is growing steadily. You get access to all videos of classes from before you joined as soon as you join + access to all Yoga Nidra recordings.

Flow Membership

it's all about connection

In this membership I am proud to offer you Flow Yoga. Flow Yoga (Vinyasa Yoga) couples the movement to the breath. There are many ways and approaches to Flow Yoga. Here you will find a combination of Slow Flow, Core Flow & Relaxing Flow. Flows to fit different moods and energy levels. 

Every week we meet live on Zoom for a group class on Tuesdays from 7 pm to 8 pm (Amsterdam time). If this time does not fit your schedule you can access the recording of the live class in your library within 48 hours. 

Also you will receive new content, anywhere between 7 to 30 minutes every week, with Flow practices in varying intensities, instructional videos and more!

All levels are welcome as we will always offer you variations and alternatives where needed.

What do I need?

You won't need much! If you have a Yoga mat that's great. If you don't you can make good use of your floor, a rug or maybe a big towel.

Every now and then we will use props, this will always be announced before the start of class. We will let you know what Yoga prop to use and also what would be a good alternative that you will have at your home.

Other than that you will need comfy clothes, space to move and something to over you up during Savasana at the end of practice!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Back to Basics

    • Part 1 - What is Yoga?

    • Part 2 - Yoga Flow for Beginners

  • 2

    Membership Exclusive Videos

    • Find your way on the Membership

    • reStart Your Day (10 min)

    • Neck & Shoulder Flow (13 min)

    • Relaxing Flow (35 minutes)

    • Check In Flow

    • How to prep for Yoga Nidra

    • Warrior Core Flow

    • Eagle Flow

    • Low Flow

    • Gentle Stretch Yoga

    • Heart Opening Gentle Flow

    • Wake Up Your Body

    • Back to Flow

    • Hip Loving Flow

    • Chair Shoulder Mobility Flow

    • Let's laugh down to our core ;)

    • Slow Flow & Meditation from Monte Rosa Portugal

    • Loving Shoulder and Hip Mobility Flow

    • Slow Flow for Lower Back & Hamstrings

    • Light Your Inner Fire - Core Flow

    • Move your Shoulders

    • Quick Hip Love

    • Balancing Hips and Shoulders and a magic trick to create space!

    • Flow for a Brain Reset

    • Tending to the Spine and Shoulders

    • Quick Activity & Awareness Flow

    • Shoulder Awareness and Strength - Part 1

    • Shoulder Awareness and Strength - Part 2

    • Twisty Chair Flow

    • Yummy 15 minute 90/90 flow

    • Short & Sweet Shoulder Sequence

    • Residue

    • Belly loving practice

    • Side Loving Practice pt. I (22 min)

  • 3

    Live Streams

  • 4

    Live Stream Recordings

    • Live Stream Recording: Morning Flow

    • Live Stream Recording: Wind Down Flow (60 min)

    • Live Stream Recording: Grounding Flow

    • Live Recording: Eagle Flow

    • Move from Compassion Flow

    • Flow for your hips

    • Live Recording of our Flow Class - Hips 2

    • Live Recording of our Flow Class - Yoga when it's Warm

    • Gentle Healing Flow

    • Live Stream Recording: Reach

    • Yoga during a heatwave - or Yoga for when you are tired!

    • Move your Shoulders Flow - Aug 25 Live Class Recording

    • Chair Warrior Flow - Oct 8 Live Class Recording

    • Slow your Flow - Nov 3 Live Class Recording

    • Stretch and Flow - Nov 17 Live Class Recording

    • Out of the Mind, Into the Body - Dec 15 Live Class Recording

    • Yoga Flow from your bed - Dec 29 Live Class Recording

    • Guide Your Heart - Jan 5 Live Class Recording

    • Hips don't lie - Jan 12 Live Class Recording

    • How can you focus on the hips? - Jan 19 Live Class Recording

    • Quiet the Brain to Move, Breathe and Be - Jan 26 Live Class Recording

    • Find Your Flow - Feb 2 Live Class Recording

    • Warm Yourself from the Inside Out - Feb 9 Live Class Recording

    • Show Up & Surrender Flow - Feb 16 Live Class Recording

    • Bring Lightness to Movement - Feb 23 Live Class Recording

    • Cellular Dance Party (or Grounding Full Body Flow ;)) - Mar 2 Live Class Recording

    • Familiar but different - Mar 9 Live Class Recording

    • Shake it Up - Mar 16 Live Class Recording

    • Expectation vs. Experience - Mar 23 Live Class Recording

    • Move in your own rhythm - Mar 30 Live Class Recording

    • Party Time! - Mar 6 Live Class Recording

  • 5

    Yoga Nidra Recordings

    • Yoga Nidra - instructions

    • Yoga Nidra - The stairs to the ocean

    • Yoga Nidra - The Maze

    • Yoga Nidra - The Cave

    • Yoga Nidra - The Color Blue

    • Yoga Nidra - The Color of the Breath

    • Yoga Nidra - The Forest

    • Yoga Nidra - The Tree and the Crescent Moon

    • Yoga Nidra - Ripples

    • Yoga Nidra - Dancing Breath & the Snow

    • Yoga Nidra Recording - The Snow Moon

    • Yoga Nidra Recording - Galaxies

  • 6

    Video Library

    • Trust

    • Chair Yoga Hip Love!

    • Cool Down Flow

    • Move with your Breath

    • Low Flow

    • (how to pimp your) Savasana

    • Shoulder & Neck Love (aka "Look mom, no hands!")

    • Trust - pt.II

    • Yoga for when you don't have time for Yoga

    • Yoga for Release

    • Quick Yoga Fix to De-Stress

    • Stand Up Flow

Your teacher and host

Owner & Teacher

Biddy Messchaert

I am so excited to welcome you here. My main goal - every time I teach - is to help you find what you need on the Yoga Mat. Whether that's challenging yourself to do more, or challenge yourself to do less. I am here for you and will help you step of the mat feeling good. Not just about what you just did, but about yourself! I am a certified teacher in Flow Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Rainbow Kids Yoga. I live in Delft, the Netherlands and when I started teaching Yoga I realized that that was what I want to do more than anything. I love it! I am also a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA essential oils, so feel free to ask me any oil related questions as well! I look forward to getting to know you better!

Membership Options

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